Fundamentals of Oil & Gas

Ever wonder??…

  • What is fracking (or is it fracing)?
  • What is a Pugh Clause in an oil and gas lease?
  • Who is the First Purchaser?
  • Who is the Pumper?
  • How is a “deal” put together?

This 8 hour class  answers those questions and more. It is ideal for those who are or have been…

  • New to Oil and Gas
  • In the industry for a while but wish to expand their knowledge base
  • In the office and have a desire to learn more about the field
  • In the field, and want to learn the operations of the office

The class is taught by oil and gas professionals with over 80 years of experience in operations, M&A, and accounting. The class  has an emphasis on:

  • Land and leasing
  • Accounting principles and processing for Oil and Gas partnerships
  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Midstream

Contact for class availability and registration.