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The Energy OnRamp Team advises and assists our clients in the utilization of their current technology more efficiently. We advise our clients on the latest energy technology information to recognize today’s opportunity in the energy industry and operate their companies more efficiently.
The Strategic Consulting Group utilizes it’s experience to advise select clients on acquisitions and divestment of energy related upstream, midstream and service assets. We also have the information to advise our clients on corporate development and strategies to capture new opportunities.


Some of Energy OnRamp's Valued Clients

  • Texas Energy Management
  • American Patriot
  • Miller Bebee Partners, LLC
  • Bustamante Oil Company, Inc.
  • Southwest Bank
  • EGL
  • Dimock Operating
  • HEXP
  • POGO Resources
  • Saxet Oil Corporation
  • Hydrocarbon Exchange
  • Musketball Group, LLC
  • Oxbow Petroleum, LLC
  • Flamingo Gas, Inc.
  • Estate of Judkins T. Walton
  • Ranger 40 Petroleum
  • Kingston Estate
  • Henry & Peters
  • Mercury Operating
  • Ovation Oil & Gas
  • Stone Creek Energy Partners...